Saturday, November 9, 2013

What Inspires you to Paint?

Today I have that head cold with a cough that is going around and I don't feel like painting or getting off the couch. I have been asked before what inspires me  to paint, and right now I can't remember. 
What inspires you to paint? Do you believe we need inspiration to paint? I will wait right here on the couch for your answers and comments. By the way, if you sign up for a google account it lets you leave a comment on this blog.


Polly Birchall said...

Anything can inspire me, sometimes it just pops up in my head, or when I am walking along. I'll say to my hubs isn't that painterly and he will answer yeh with no enthusiasm whatsoever.

Last Cup Of Coffee said...

seeing a beautiful painting or a photo of a ballerina!

. said...

I hear you with the cold thing, fighting something here too and it sucked the energy out of me... My inspiration I find in so many different places, but today (as I wee felt better) I went for a drive in the country and the colours out today where more than breath taking. Most would say wet Novembers day is grey and blahh. But to me it was purely stunning, with the warm grays, browns and with hints of warm oranges and yellows.