Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Make Your Own Holiday Watercolor Greeting Card

 If you'd like to make a holiday greeting card from my watercolor painting of a grocery shop in Menerbes, France, you're welcome to copy my sketch.
 Paint it with your choice of watercolors. To make the items in the shop window look like they are behind the glass window, I painted a mix of ultramarine blue, burnt sienna and a bit of alizarin crimson over the items I had first painted in the window. Feel free to change the items inside. The only thing that was actually there was the old fashioned scale.
 Sketch the wreath on another piece of watercolor and cut it out with an exacto knife. Paint it, and if you like add some glitter or glitz. Then use a piece of drafting or removable masking tape to attach it to your painting. You might have lots of other ideas for holiday items you could paste onto your painting, then later remove them without ruining your painting. I suppose if you wanted to, you could customize a painting for every holiday you want to celebrate. Add a pumpkin for Halloween, a turkey for Thanksgiving and a menorah for Hanukkah. Imagine the possibilities...
Draw this wreath on watercolor paper, cut it out and paint it or make you own glue on/removable holiday decoration. Please share with me what your card.