Monday, October 7, 2013

In Which We Have Tea and Everyone Visits Sennelier

We were fortunate today to have tea at a lovely Salon De Thé, located in the basement of the Louvre, called Mariage Freres. Eileen and I sketched while we sipped tea and ate scones using our best table manners.   My tea was a smokey bergamont flavored black tea and Eileen had French breakfast tea(which seemed very appropriate for Paris in the morning).
Our waiter was kind enough to admire our paintings and bring us tea flavored jams. 
In the afternoon our group went shopping at Sennelier Art Shop across the Seine from the Louvre. We drooled over the beautiful French brand paint brushes and came away with purchases of Sennelier watercolor paint, pens and sketchbooks. The rest of the afternoon was spent shopping and touring off the Boulevard St. Germaine.

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