Monday, October 28, 2013

Can An Artist Organize?

I was not born with an organizing gene. I did not learn any organizing skills in any of my college art classes. I think I bought into the myth that organizing squelches ones creativity. I don't believe that myth anymore and I now see a huge value to being an organized artist. 
Finding your #6 paintbrush in less then 5 minutes is a good reason to get organized. Having a color swatch labeled with ledgible writing so you can mix that wonderful green color again is another reason to be organized. Finding the painting you made of that Abby in France when you have a buyer waiting to see it is yet another reason to organize yourself and your stuff. 
Here is my latest ephimany: to be sucessful I have to be organized. So I am putting away things after I use them, labeling my color swatches and matching my socks. Watch Out!

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Polly Birchall said...

How impressed am I? Can you come and organise me please