Sunday, September 22, 2013

Staying in A French Cottage

We flew from Amsterdam into Toulouse, France on Friday morning. At the airport when we went to pick up our rental car, which was described online as a "Puegout or similiar" , we were excited to find out we were going to be driving a Toyota hybrid for the week. It took us a while to discover the car starts by push button instead of a key and then we were  off zooming through the French countryside headed towards the cottage we had arranged to stay in. 
The light at twilight is silvery in the countryside and illuminates the buidings in a special way that my words cannot describe. We wandered through the French supermarket in a total fog of jetlag . I found myself spending 20 minutes in front of the refrigerator case filled with hundreds of kinds of yogurt trying to choose one for the next days breakfast. It only took me 25 minutes to choose from all the varieties of wonderful French wines.
We found our cottage way beyond charming and although it was built in the 1400's it has modern comforts and utilities. We discovered the wifi connection isn't wireless so our iphone and ipads won't work until we visit the local cafe which has free wifi. Not having a connection to my email is Very relaxing.
Here are some pictures of the first floor of the cottage.

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