Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Tuesday Art Skool - Experiment with Color Placement

Today's exercise will help you become comfortable with how you decide which color to put where in your paintings. I stamped my laundry drawing in a somewhat neutral color several times in my sketchbook. You are welcome to print out my laundry stamp and trace it if you want to use it or YOU can draw something simple multiple times.
The backgrounds were painted in both warm and cool colors. Then I used neighboring colors on the color wheel in different sequences to see how they looked. So now you might want to play around with your paints and arrange the colors diffferent ways and see the effects. This is meant to be a painless exercise so lower your standards and mess around with color.

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Katherine Thomas said...

Ah, I admire you for doing this type of exercise. I need to do that. But I always want to start a whole new piece, instead of practicing my basic skills, like I should from time to time. This is so interesting to observe the different moods of each arrangement. Do you have some ideas of how you're going to put this concept to use in a new painting?