Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Tuesday Art Skool Lesson One Day Late...Horizon lines and VanishingPoints

Due to the holiday and some travels, I am posting my Tuesday Art Skool lesson on Wednesday. I hope this does not mess up anyone's schedule. I imagine all of you out there in blog reader's land setting your alarm early so you can get up and have time to do my Tuesday art lesson before you start your day, (this is my fantasy, so I get to make it all about me and my blog).
Let's talk about PERSPECTIVE, since it needs a lot of explaining. The first thing you have to find when you are looking at something you want to draw, is the horizon line. The horizon line is the same as your eye-level. In this photo I am drawing I had to find the shop front's vanishing points and the fruit stand"s vanishing points and the ceramic planter's vanishing points in order to find the correct angles to make the objects look dimensional. I marked the shops vanishing point with a blue star. The blue star is out of the picture, which happens. I am going to finish the drawing at least with some shading today, but right now I've got to go buy dog food.  This leads to the topic of a future blog post, how to fit artwork into your daily life...By the way, is this blog post especially creative? I am listening to Mozart, which I have heard increases one's intellect and creativity right now, due to the fact I just finished watching the last of the 196 episodes of Grey's Anatomy last night and felt now that I needed to strengthen some other areas of my brain by listening to Mozart when I paint and write.