Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Tuesday Art Skool Lesson: Painting From My Sketchbook Painting

Sometimes I use one of my paintings in my art classes. This is the one I am going to use in my watercolor journal class at Encinitas Adult School tomorrow. My students were looking through my sketchbook and picked this one out and asked me to show them how to paint it. So I wrote some directions and then will demonstrate step by step in class how I painted it in successive stages.
Usually, I feel students are happier choosing their own subject matter to paint. However, sometimes, especially in a beginning class, it can be really useful to see the steps it takes to make a complete painting. Sometimes just watching the way a teacher wiggles her brush or how he dabs at the paint or how they hold the pen can speak more then a thousand words from the teacher. I find this to be true when I take classes, do you? Tomorrow, I will post pictures of the works done in class. * You should be able to print this out and do the lesson if you want to.


Last Cup Of Coffee said...

yes watching and absorbing the enthusiasm of the teacher also helps!

Claire M said...

Great example. This will be very helpful to me. Thanks.