Sunday, April 7, 2013

Reorganizing A Painting Studio That's Already Been Organized or Who Made This Mess in My Painting Studio?

I know, I know, when you take something out, put it away. Why don't I do that? I don't know, but I may have learned my lesson because of all the time it is going to take me to clean up the mess in my studio. It looks like someone broke into the house and ransacked my studio looking for something. If I slip and fall and roll under my desk, my husband is not going to be able to see me.
How did this mess happen? Well, I got busy working on some paintings, then before I really put away my acrylic paints, it was time to get ready for a watercolor workshop, so I shoved aside the acrylic stuff to a far corner of my desk and started working in the midst of this mess on my watercolors. Then I had a commissioned painting to complete, so I pushed aside the watercolor stuff and pulled out my easel and just piled everything on top of everything else. I may have repeated this cycle 3 times, I am not sure.

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