Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Tuesday Art Skool

Starting today, Tuesday and for all future Tuesdays , my plan is to to give you an art lesson. Today's lesson is on how to draw and paint a beagle. I tried to draw my little rescued beagle first, but after hopping from couch to couch for a while, she finally settled down into a very foreshortened pose. I drew her because she was expecting me to, but I don't want to start off my Art Skool Tuesdays with a difficult drawing.
After waiting around all afternoon for a good beagle pose, I gave up and sketched from a photo of my favorite beagle, Henry. I photographed each stage of the drawing so you could see how to start with basic shapes, refine them then add shading and some paint. Please ask questions if you want to know more about my drawing and painting process.

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