Tuesday, March 5, 2013

A Letter For to You From Me with my March/April Schedule

Dear Artist Friend,

I think we have lost the joy of discovering a letter addressed to us in our mailbox from a faraway place. So I am sending you a letter today.

Rip open the envelope and unfold the folded paper inside. You will be relieved to find it is actually a "real" letter written by me in my own handwriting. Not one of those fake letters you get in the mail from time to time that look like they are addressed by hand, but are really a mass machine mailing

How are you? I am fine, what's new? Done any painting or drawing lately? I did a wonderful painting last Friday and a crummy one today. Has that ever happened to you?
Are you keeping busy? How's your family. My dogs are fine, the husband okay and the child busy.

Here's my March/April Teaching Schedule 
Tuesday Morning Classes will continue in March and April 10-12 
 March 31 Workshop In home studio 10-3 , Practice Making 15 Minute Paintings
April 3, 10 and 17, Escondido Adult School- How to Paint Anywhere, Anytime-I am really excited to be teaching for Escondido Adult School. They have given me 3 -3 week workshop to teach  at 220 West Crest Street in Escondido. Call them for price and registration info at 760 739-7300.
Hope to hear from you soon, Barbara 


Last Cup Of Coffee said...

I am presently pondering this concept!

Claire M said...

What an absolute delight to read your post today. I too really appreciate paper mail, and handwritten notes! I'm sad to see so much communication go electronically. But, I guess it magnifies the joy I feel when I get a handwritten letter in the mail from my son, knowing that they are so rare these days.

Polly Birchall said...

Dear Barbara,

Sorry to send you this quick email, but have a busy day today. Will send you a proper letter later with my latest news later.

Thanks for the letter.

Polly x

Polly Birchall said...

Dear Barbara - How lovely to receive an actual letter. So rare these days. I was so excited to open it. I'm very well thank you and painting lots of unusual things. Been playing around with brusho, and continuing to do my cartoons for my other blog, all loosely based on people I know. Hope they don't find out. My hubby is fine, still golfing and watching football (boring). Have fun with your workshops, sounds really interesting. Well, must dash and post this letter. Take care
Luv Polly x

Polly Birchall said...

The envelope is on your facebook page. I couldn't download a picture in your comment box