Saturday, January 5, 2013

New/Old Treasure Found For Organizing Art Studio

Yesterday, I spied this set of metal drawers in the corner of a dusty garage where they holding an estate sale.
When I discovered it was only $25 I bought it at once. After they sold it to me, mysteriously, the sold sign fell off and they sold it to another woman.
A classic "I Love Lucy" scene followed that included me saying, "I bought it first", and then wisking it away on my trusted dolley. My accomplice, Anne lifted it into the mini van and we zoomed off into the sunset.
Now the metal drawers are sitting in the middle of my studio and I am contemplating the next step? Spray paint them blue? Leave them alone? Label them with cute writing? Let me know what you think I ought to do.


Polly Birchall said...

I would label each one with cute writing but in all the colours of the rainbow They will be very useful, well spotted

Barbara Roth said...

What a good idea, Polly. I hadn't thought of how helpful it would be to have each label a different color.

Cathy Holtom said...

Great buy, I like the idea of coloured labels.

Alisa Steady said...

Oooo! GREAT FIND! Spray paint them blue! I'm glad you were able to whisk off with your awesome estate sale find. :o)

. said...

Fantastic find!!! Been looking for something like that... You got it for a great price and thankfully it ended in your truck and home : ) What colour is it in? Personally I would paint it in white. I like the coloured labels and or with classic old typewriter fonts.