Thursday, January 3, 2013

Artist Wardrobe

Too many days of painting in my pajamas was starting to depress me. Most of the articles I have read recently suggest your productivy will increase if you get out of your pjs before you enter your home office.
What does an artist wear to work? My current wardrobe consists of jeans,1 pair of black slacks to wear to interviews, 1 dress for special occassions, tee shirts and of course, shoes ( my fascination with inexpensive French and Italian shoes is a topic for another day).
So today I got dressed before I started working. I can't say yet if my day was more productive, but my co-workers were impressed.
I am also wearing my rumning shoes inthe office so I can jump on the treadmill when I need a painting break.
My very chic, 19 year old fashion coach advised me to change to boots if I go out in public.


Last Cup Of Coffee said...

sounds like you have a good plan there - I wear old clothes in my home/studio too!

. said...

Those are some runners : ) Looking good!!! And I know I cant work in my PJ's and if I do I dont get much done... An artist I think is all up to the brush holder, I know of one who likes to be in shorts and sandals, all year around (and its -15 right now, brrrrr)...

Susan McKee said...

Not to distress you too much . . . But I recently read that people who make their beds every morning are happier and more productive than people who don't. Since reading that, I've made a point of making my bed every day again. For years, I only did it if my dad was coming over for a visit (cuz he was always rather neurotic about that!) Don't you just hate it when it turns out your parents were right?!!!