Monday, December 3, 2012

Quality Watercolor Art Supplies At A Bargain Price!

The title of this blog used to be Information from a Watercolor Nerd until my self-esteem improved and I changed the title to something more sophisticated and worldly, but I am still the same nerd inside who loves buying art supplies, studying the art supply catalogues and haunting art supply shops.
On a trip to Walmart I noticed they had a lot of watercolor supplies from one of my favorite British brand paint manufacturers, Daler Rowney. I wanted to buy all of them and try them out immediately. However I talked myself out of them since I already have a lot of paint and brushes.
THEN last week I was asked to teach a large class and was suddenly in need of more student grade supplies for the students in my workshop to use. I bought everything in the Daler Rowney Simple brand including the brush set, the pads of 90lb. Watercolor paper, palettes and a huge set of tube paint.
I tested out the paints the night before the workshop and the quality of everything was excellent!
One of the cupcakes was painted with my artist quality paint and the other with the Daler Rowney Simply brand. Can you guess which is which?
You might want to buy some of these supplies for holiday gifts they're a great buy.

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