Monday, December 24, 2012

Perfect Gift to Ask For or Give Yourself For the Holidays, a mini vacation and travel painting workshop with me...

When my husband accepted the job in San Diego, and we were about to move from Northern California to San Diego, I did what any normal watercolor artist/teacher would do. I googled watercolor teachers and classes in San Diego. I found out that the area is home to many talented watercolor painters. what impressed me the most, was the SDWS or the San Diego Watercolor Society. The SDWS has a beautiful gallery space, complete with a  classroom and library.Their headquarters is located in Liberty Station which is a really cool renovated former naval training facility. Liberty Station is a great place to stroll around, they have bakeries, restaurants, art galleries and shops.
 I joined this watercolor society as soon as we landed in San Diego.
On the weekend of Jan. 12th and 13th, I will be teaching a workshop for the SDWS on the topic of Travel Painting and Sketching, Anywhere You Find Yourself. My teaching objective is to give you all the skills you need so that you can feel confident keeping a personal sketching and painting journal of your experiences. I believe everyone can learn to paint and draw if they have the materials, a bit of instruction and CONFIDENCE. So in addition to showing you step by step easy to understand drawing and watercolor techniques, you will also focus on completing lots of practice paintings over the course of our 2 day workshop. The repeated practice of painting what you see, combined with your knowledge and skill will give you the confidence to continue painting after you leave our workshop.
Liberty Station is about 10 minutes driving distance from the San Diego airport. So, if you live somewhere cold and chilly, why not hop on a plane and spend a few days in sunny San Diego with me? You can combine an educational experience with a mini vacation. In addition, anyone who attends this workshop will receive a free Journal and travel painting set put together by me and if you want to drive up to Northern San Diego, I will take you for a walk at my favorite beach too.
Contact the SDWS to find out more details and  register at The cost of this workshop is $150 for members and $175 for non members.

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