Monday, December 31, 2012

Paint A New Year's Postcard

Feel free to print out my line drawing and make your own New Years Post Card. If you can print it on watercolor paper, then you can paint right on my drawing. If you prefer to sketch or trace it, that works too! If you decide you want color, get out your paints or your watercolor pencils. The skin tone I used is a mix of permanent rose and new gamboge, but any mix of a rose and warm yellow will work. If you want to adjust the color add more yellow or more water. For a darker skin, try using burnt sienna. You can use this card year after year by adding different digits for the year ( I cleverly left the last two digits off, actually it was the copiers fault).
Happy New Year and Happy Painting in 2013 from the 
Anywhere Art Studio...

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Polly Birchall said...

How generous of you to let people copy your work. Would be nice to use for a new baby and put their name on the sash and date of birth on the card. Happy 2013. Polly x