Sunday, November 18, 2012

Now You Don't Have To Go With Me to Tuscany to Cook Like A Tuscan Chef

During my workshops in Tuscany, we are so lucky that we get to eat incredible lunches and dinners prepared by Chef Alessandro Picinini. Alessandro's cooking is so good that words can't describe it, so I am going to post here lots of photos of his meals.
Alessandro is a good teacher as well as an excellent chef and he teaches us his cooking techniques and patiently answers all of our questions. We love to have a cooking lesson with him at the villa in Tuscany. My family is very happy that I took a cooking lesson with him, since my cooking improved immensely.
Now you can learn to cook from Alessandro too! On your iphone! He created an amazing app that you can buy for your iphone, called The Tuscan Chef, and it has videos, fabulous recipes, shopping lists and a feature that allows you to make a Skype call to him if you have a cooking question.
If you want suggestions about which of his recipes to prepare, email me at and if you would like to go to Tuscany to stay in the villa and paint and tour and eat Alessandro's cooking let me know. My next workshop in Tuscany is May 4-11,2013.

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