Friday, October 19, 2012

Creative Alternatives to Painting

Do you need something creative and delicious to do? It's important to open your mind to all sorts of projects and not limit yourself to only paper and paint. Besides, your family and friends will personally be thankful for your efforts if you decide to try your hand at candy making.
I never dreamed I could cook up my own candy until I opened a new book written by Elizabeth LaBau, a food writer and recipe developer. LaBau's book, "The Sweet Book of Candy Making", makes the process of cooking up your own candy look possible to me. Her directions are not overly cluttered with details and equipment and seem easy to follow. Plus there are step by step photos of some of the important cooking techniques. Most important for me are the sections on troubleshooting if your attempts need helpful advice.
I may go into the kitchen this weekend and try cooking up some chocolate mints or orange flavored lollipops. Imagine how much money I can save on holiday gifts that I can use for travel if I can learn to cook up my own candy!

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