Wednesday, September 5, 2012

On the Way to Tuscany

I took the Coaster Light Rail to the airport this morning after kissing the dogs goodbye. My new Magellan's carry-on suitcase rolled along like a dream and has some empty spots which will hopefully be filled with finished paintings, shoes and a tablecloth. My husband is with me on this trip and he has promised to help me and my students carry packages. In a few minutes we'll board the plane and be on our way to Tuscany.
The good news/bad news travel shoe report is that I did find the perfect
sandals for this trip but was unable to locate any comfortable walking shoes that looked nice. I will walk around Italy in my old shoes that my husband says look like 1940's bowling shoes, no problem.... Va bene

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Deirdra Doan said...

Oh well...Italy will fix your shoes problem...I love Keen's!!! I where them all over comfortable..but I have high archs...

I also got a great pair of sandles ..roman looking in Italy..with thick rubber soles..amazing!

Have fun..sorry I missed you in S. CA last week.