Tuesday, May 1, 2012

May Day in Paris

I rushed out the door of the apartment to meet my friends who were waiting for me at Notre Dame and walked right into a Labor Day rally and election parade. Drums and people chanting election slogans filled the air. I made my way through the crowds , passed the Sorbonne University and actually found my way there and my friends.
Led by Terrie Ellsworth, vintage merchant and flea market shopper extraordinaire, we went in search of the antique shop on the Isle de St Louis that was once owned and operated by the famous WW II decorator, Madeleine Chastaing. Apparently Ms. Chastaing is one of the decorators who invented the Frenxh style of combining muslin, iron furniture and the color "Chastaing blue". I must learn more about her. We weren't able to find the location of her shop but we did have a wonderful walk and some great great crepes at a cafe by the Seine.

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Roberta said...

Ahhh, Paris and crepes...the perfect marriage :-)

Mine would have been filled to overflowing with Nutella! mmmmm

Bon Apetit Barbara!