Saturday, April 21, 2012

I Am Teaching a WaterCOLOR Workshop in the Mountains

Would you like to spend June 28, 29 and 30th  in the tranquil San Jacinto mountains with me learning how to use color effectively? This workshop is for watercolor painters and anyone else who is interested in using color more effectively. After this workshop, where you will spend your time relaxing, eating meals prepared by someone else and doing a bit of painting, you will feel much more confident in your use of color.
You will learn how to take the mysteries out of mixing color, how to control mood with control and you'll practice lots of different color combinations in postcard size paintings. In addition, you will go home with your own personal color notebook.
The WaterCOLOR workshop is sponsored by Idyllwild Arts Academy and you can stay on their campus in the middle of the forest or in a hotel or cabin nearby.
Visit the Idyllwild website for more info or  or email Barbara for more info at

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