Saturday, February 11, 2012

Some Distractions From Painting

It's important to stand up and move away from your painting during the painting process for a few reasons. One; you can see your painting better from a distance and get a chance to see what stands out and what does not in addition to a host of other things. Two; it's good for your body and mind to stand up and stretch and move around a bit.
Last week I decided to attend a yoga class to help myself stay in shape for painting. The yoga class was canceled but I found a Tap Dancing class offered instead. I am a long time beginning tap dancer so I signed up. My teacher is very kind and supportive and says I have tap dancing potential. So now when I take breaks from painting, you'll find me in our garage practicing my tap moves.


Karenliz said...

I'm glad you like the class. Tap dancing is a perfect outlet for me! I tap my frustrations out and it gets me away from the table and when back the creativity flows!

dayle doroshow said...

LOVE IT! I am a tap dancer too from way back in my childhood! This sounds like too much fun. Hope to see you March 27th????