Monday, November 14, 2011

How to Find the Funds to Paint Under the Provence Sun

Are your thoughts drifting to your holiday gifts? Not the ones you are going to buy for others, but the gifts you are going to ask for? Well, don't ask for a thing, cross that Prada purse and those fluffy slippers you saw in Macys off your list.
Instead, ask your loved ones for a contribution to your upcoming Spring trip to France to paint with me. Between now and next May 3, we'll have New Years Eve and guess what, we don't need a new dress, put that money in the France fund. Also we have Valentine's Day, and really, do you want a box of candy or some roses? You can come with me and we'll find lots of roses to smell and paint in the Provence region of France in May, and some red poppy filled fields that you can paint just like Renoir did
. If you are really lucky your birthday and your anniversary may be on the calendar before our trip and you can get nothing for those holidays too.
If you happen to be a mother, here is where you might score a gift. You see, next year Mother's day falls on May 13th, and my workshop ends on May 10th. So if your kids or your husband missed you while you were away with me painting in France, they may go out and buy you a big gift. Or you can do what I do, ask if you can shop for your own Mother's Day gift in France.
Think about these ideas, they just might get you to France with me. If you do decide to come, let me know soon, because my deadline for deposits is Dec. 15th. Contact me at today and you'll be spending next Spring under the Provence sun.

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