Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Train to Paris

Yesterday we had a coffee at the train statin then traveled by train through the French countryside for 7 hours arriving in Paris in the early evening. To pass the time on the train I practiced my French school children's cursive handwriting. The man in the seat across from me was working on his computer. It was a cross road or carrefour (my newest French word) moment in time. We tried to have dinner in Paris at a bistro on the corner near our hotel where I had the best roast chicken and potatoes au gratin i had ever tasted last year but it was closed Mondays. So we discovered another equally amazingly French restaurant close by. It satisfied all my charming French decorating needs. I wonder if Rick will let me paint our kitchen red and hang a gold chandelier? I am definitely going to add a chalkboard to our kitchen decor and write the meal I am serving on it every night.

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Margaret Ann said...

What a fun trip! I love your spread with the handwriting exercises...Wonderfully graphic!:)