Friday, September 2, 2011

If You're Short on Time and You Want to Sketch, Try Carrying This Sketchbook Around....

This sketchbook made by Global Art and called "The Handbook", was a gift from my husband for Mother's Day 2009. When he asked me what I wanted to do to celebrate Mother's Day that year, I think he was expecting me to name a restaurant I wanted to lunch at. Instead, I told him I wanted him to accompany me to the new art shop in town and buy me whatever I wanted. Being a nice guy, he agreed. So I picked out this sketchbook and a few pens and wondered if I would really use it often. I have a drawer filled with unfinished sketchbooks....Now, as you can see there are only a few empty pages left. Soon I will begin another. One wonders if this sketchbook has some kind of magic in its pages, but I don't think so. I think the reason I was able to complete this sketchbook was because I gave myself permission to not make every page perfect, and I liked the size and type of paper in the books. I highly recommend this sketchbook.

Here is a less then perfect watercolor of a pot of geraniums that were on the ledge of a local restaurant where we were dining. I had to get over my fear of painting in public restaurants, but that wasn't hard. The only thing I suggest is not to wipe your brush on the cloth napkins.

This page was painted last weekend at the beach when some friends and I sat down on the sand to sketch and paint. The bird in the left corner obligingly posed for me until I got his shape and colors right. So I encourage to find a small size sketchbook today and go out and make less then perfect paintings and sketches...let me know how it works for you, if you can't figure out how to comment on this blog, then email me at

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