Sunday, February 20, 2011

Contemplating Painting a Rainbow

This was what we saw out of our backyard window yesterday after a pretty fierce rain storm here in No. San Diego. I have been tinkering with sketching the landscape in watercolor. I wonder if I can figure out how to paint a rainbow? I don't think I've painted a rainbow since kindergarten. Maybe that's the problem with us adult artists, we don't paint rainbows often enough. What do you think?

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Anonymous said...

It's not that we don't paint rainbows; it's that we don't take the time to look at them. I'm in FL now but I bought a painting when living in SDGO of a pier leading into rainbow colors with a grid of black over it saving "how is it we complicate life so much we can't see the beauty." However when I reached retirement I have begun creating. It took years to see now I have the time.