Saturday, November 27, 2010

Working in A New Way

I came up with a new concept which I taught in a recent workshop. I call it P.P.P which stands for postage stamp, playing card and postcard size paintings. This is how it works: I begin with looking at my subject and then making quick pencil postage stamp size compositions. I make sure each of these little compositions has different dark, light and medium values. Then I take my favorite sketch and draw it with pen and wash in a playing card size. If I like the playing card size sketch, I then paint it postcard size in color. Sometimes I paint two or three postcard size paintings trying out different color combinations. Usually I stop at this point but if I have a post card size painting I really like, then I enlarge it to whatever wall size I feel like and paint it one more time using my postcard painting as a guide. I think I like this new method.........

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LuLu said...

Howdy Barbara,

Your P.P.P. method looks brilliant!

Also, thanks for stopping by my blogger. Would love for you to become a Follower.

ALso, how did you arrange to teach in England and France last year?!