Thursday, October 21, 2010

Here She Is! The Evil Teacher Who Criticized Your Artwork in 3rd Grade!

We all know her name, that teacher somewhere in your past who said something critical about your artwork and you stopped painting and drawing because of her comment.
Here are some things she has been heard to say:
"Too bad your older brother/sister got all the art talent in your family."
"You really should learn to color inside the lines."
"Why are your drawings always so timid?" (okay, it was my college professor that said that).
"That's nice honey, but artists don't make any money."
"Never try to draw again."
"That doesn't look like an elephant, a skunk or a _________."
I could go on for days at what well meaning but evil art teachers have said to aspiring artists. I am not going to excuse them, but try to explain, that years ago the comments they made were due to lack of knowledge and sophistication about how we acquire art skills.
Now we know better. We know that art skills can be learned by attending a class or reading a textbook but most of all through practicing techniques.
So lets all tell that evil ghost of our old art teacher to go by-by and do what we need to do today to enjoy the process of making art.
Any of you out there, care to share a comment made to you by some critic?


Kate said...

Oh my goodness, how did you know what my art teacher said to me? I had a really mean music teacher too. As a teacher it is always my goal not to put my prejudices on kids.

Anonymous said...

Not a teacher, but a teenage boyfriend, to whom I am now married these many many years...who laughed at my first attempt at a likeness of Mia Farrow of all people. Sadly, to me it became a "given" that I had no artistic ability/talent...until recent years. But at least my 'inner artiste' has finally emerged.