Thursday, July 15, 2010

Vide Grenier Collage and Watercolor

Vide Grenier is the name for the Sunday Flea markets in the French countryside. The literal translation into to English is vacuum out the attic or empty out your attic. Empty out your attic sounds better to me, because if you vacuumed up all your wonderful old stuff in your attic, you wouldn't have anything to sell at the flea markets. The location of these flea markets moves to a different village every Sunday. I was lucky enough to have Terry Ellesworth, Antique Dealer and Flea Market Expert Shopper, along on my last workshop in Durfort as well as Kathy Harmon-Lubar, expert photographer and collager. Terrie directed my eye to precious flea market items I would have overlooked, like old dusty French books, piles of old linens and a multitude of other items. Kathy Harmon-Lubar is an expert with collage. She educated me on how to shop for old postcards. I must have passed her old postcard buying course with an A because I just dropped my French postcards on my studio floor and had to pick up 23 cards. Anyway, here is a very simple collage mixed with watercolor that I did in the studio the day after shopping at the Flea markets. I hope to do more, it is a lot of fun to mix flea market treasures and watercolor.

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Roberta said...

Oooh la I detect a little mixed media art here??? :-) I am loving this beautiful collage and watercolor lively, so sweet...I am glad you got all those postcards (sounds like something I would have done). And I am certain that Terrie had an influence on you...because I have seen her fantastic shop with all those treasures in them!
Thanks for sharing your French inspired art :-)