Thursday, June 17, 2010

Use Your Imagination to See Umbria

I am writing this entry from Spello, in the Umbria section of Italy. Due to certain operator errors, there are no pictures of this charming Italian town filled with balconies, windows and doorways decked with flower pots and flower boxes. So, you will have to use your imagination to see what I describe to you. Narrow winding alleyways and lanes meandering uphill, cobblestone streets so steep you have to watch where you step. Turn down a lane and see an the entire street filled with colorful flowers. Stop in a cafe and order bruschetta, toasted bread glowing with the green gold of the olive oil and salt on top. Taste your espresso and study the foam, its sort of a shade of burnt sienna mixed with a bit of ultramarine blue.
I am meandering myself with my travel paintbox and stopping when I find a subject to paint. Yesterday, I sat in a garden and painted four views from the garden in 4 hours. Today I painted in a restaurant and got rave reviews from the waitress and the couple at the next table. I guess I like painting in Italy. Can you see that?

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Mike McClenahan said...

We enjoyed meeting you at that restaurant. Our blog during sabbatical is

Maybe we'll see you in Solana Beach!