Friday, June 4, 2010

Shopping and Painting and Teaching and Eating in the French Countryside

I am writing this blog entry in Durfort, France where I have been teaching a workshop. The first week of the workshop ended today and my students took off for Paris and other locations. So, after eating a sandwich in a sidewalk cafe I tried to fit all my new shopping finds into my suitcase to see if I will be able to get everything home when I return in 2 weeks. The situation is not looking good as I have several shopping bags full of stuff that will not fit into my suitcase. My options may be: wearing four pairs of pants and 3 sweaters and two pairs of shoes home on the airplane, buying a bigger suitcase or shipping some things home by mail. Stopping shopping is not an option. I will post paintings of some of the things I purchased when I get home..........

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