Friday, May 21, 2010

Find the House with Green Shutters & Unlock the Door

These are the directions I will be following next week. Drive out of Toulouse into the countryside for one hour. The scenery will change from city to country in about 10 minutes. Drive straight for about 50 minutes. You will drive through a zillion round-abouts....then go over a stone bridge and turn right onto the first country road past the farmhouse. Drive for 5 minutes toward the mountains, then park the car in front of the church..Walk past the church and turn left at the second street. Look for the house with green shutters. You will have arrived at La Cascade. Gwen Gibson's home.
I will knock on the door. If no one is home I will take out the brass antique key and turn the old door knocker.....and let myself in. I will be staying at La Cascade along with some wonderful students. I will be teaching watercolor sketching & journaling and shoe shopping.

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Anonymous said...

It is nice to stay in the country for a vacation. A very relaxing place! I am so envious right now. The house you described looks amazing. I really love a home with custom home shutters because it reminds me of French houses and it is really a good look for country homes.