Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A Once in A Lifetime Chance to Vist and Paint Tiny Hilltop Towns in Umbria

Have you heard much about Umbria? Everyone knows Tuscany. It is the beautiful region of Italy known for its fabulous hilltop towns dating back to the middle ages. I taught 3 workshop in Tuscany and fell in love with Italy. The Umbrian section of Italy is very close to Tuscany. It is filled with charming, unspoiled, tiny hilltop villages as well. While painting in Italy I have met people who raved about towns called Todi, Narni, San Gemini, and Stroncone and many more. A good friend attended a painting workshop at La Romita in Umbria. When she told me that everyday of the workshop the participants were driven to a different Umbrian village to paint, I was in LOVE. I had to get to teach at La Romita. I have been trying for a few years to schedule a workshop there. OCT. 5-12, 2010 is the date I have finally obtained for a workshop at La Romita, where everyday we will visit the little towns of Todi, Narni, San Gemini and more.

If you want to come along with me and attend this workshop let me know soon as spaces are limited. To find out more about the workshop visit http://www.laromita.org/ or email me at rabjsl@pacbell.net Oh and the price is good, $2,100 and includes everything except airfare.

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