Thursday, March 11, 2010

This Might Have Been the Perfect Shoe.........

I am starting to prepare for my May painting workshop in Durfort, France. The students are enrolled, the airline tickets have been purchased and my workshop lessons have been planned.

What should I do next? Find comfortable shoes to wear, of course. Here are the guidelines; the shoes must be comfortable, good for walking and not too orthopedic looking. You would think finding these shoes would be an easy task, right? Not so.............. Most shoes that you can comfortably walk in are unattractive. However, now that I have moved to So. Cal. I have incredible choices of places to shop for shoeware. I found these shoes in a small shoe shop in La Jolla. When I tried them on, they melted on my feet. I had to have them immediately. Then I looked at the price tag.....a bit beyond my current budget. I spent some time looking around for them on the net and found I could buy them a bit cheaper. I also found I spent a lot of time that I could be painting, looking for shoes. So I decided I'd better paint the shoes. Does art follow life or does life follow art? Or, does art follow shoes?

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