Sunday, December 13, 2009

I am a grat artes

Do you think I rush to my studio every day full of confidence in my artistic ability and paint away the day creating thrilling masterpiece after masterpiece? Well thats not me. I wander into my studio and paint and hope for the best. The thing that keeps me painting day after day is that I love putting color onto paper and sometimes I like the results I get when I complete a painting. I also love to learn about watercolor and build my skills but I never ever feel that I am a grat artes. That is until yesterday.

Yesterday, I went to visit my teacher friend's 3rd grade class. Every year she lets me give them an art lesson. This year I brought my little former research beagle, Ollie and I showed the children how to draw the dog step by step. Everyone of these kids did a great job drawing. I didn't hear anyone say, "I don't know how to draw." They just drew. I felt so fortunate to have been able to spend an afternoon with these kids.

This morning I received a batch of "thank you" notes from the 3rd graders. Every letter was wonderful. I love the note I posted here. This child refers to me as a grat artes.........
Feel free to copy the lesson on how to draw Olive and teach it to your loved ones.

2 comments: said...

Dear Grat Artes: Loved your blog. Thanks for commenting on my supposedly Family Santa. Happy Holidays.........


Roberta said...

I always knew you were a Grat Artes, Barbara! One day, I want to be as Grat as you :-)

Isn't it great to watch children create art? No hesitation, just play and fun. A good lesson for us.

Oh, you would be proud of me...I took my Peerless Watercolors on vacation, and was fearless... Ok, I made about 6 little watercolors...some good, some...not so grat...but hey, I did it, and I had fun!

Hope to see you sometime next year!!! I NEED a watercolor lesson!