Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Business Card Picture

I want a new business card that looks professional yet arty. One that you would take one look at and say, "Yes, I want to take art lessons from this person immediately plus begin collecting her work to hang on the walls in my villa and all of my other homes as well." I considered subject matter that I like to paint; small dancing dogs, pretty pink pigs, landscapes with Tuscan villas and lines of cypress trees, windows, shutters and doors, lace curtains, windows, cows, topiaries, windows, window boxes, small children, pies, windows................ So here is the image I picked and painted for my new business card. What does it say to you?


Karen Burns said...

It says, please let me live there and see the view out of that darling window!!!


Barbara Roth said...

You can live there. I have an extra guest room. We can have tea and scones every afternoon.