Wednesday, November 25, 2009

What If You Were Cooking Thanksgiving Dinner and Had Your Food in These Cannisters, But You Didn't Read French?

I just finished this painting. I used a photo I took of cannisters on a shelf in a 600 year old home in France. I love these old cannisters and would love to have a set of them. However, whenever, I do see a set it is usually out of my price range. Then I got to thinking, since my high school French vocabulary is not what it needs to be for my next trip to France, I probably need to get out my French dictionary and find out what is supposed to be stored in these containers. Then it came to me, that if you actually had to use the products that were in these cannisters and you did not understand French, you could possibly turn out a less then perfect Thanksgiving meal......what a great excuse. I will allow you to use it tomorrow. Happy Thanksgiving to All.

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