Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Proud Mother of A Petsmart Graduate

This photo was taken this afternoon. After 8 weeks of intensive study, Olive the rescue beagle and I completed our coursework at Petsmart Academy. We received our diploma after completing a complex test of our newly acquired skills. I can now sit, stay and wait 30 seconds before I eat a treat. Olive can now walk me on a leash and command me to give her treats. Really though, the little dog did very well. When I first adopted her she was quite nervous as she had been in a cage with a small run for 3 years. She was used in some type of scientific research. It took her about 3 weeks to feel more comfortable and even like doggie treats. Now, her education looks promising if I continue to practice her skills with her. Remind me, will you?


Roberta said...

What an adorable photo! Glad to know that Olive has you trained :-) Poor thing has been through a lot, so happy she has found herself a happy home!

Hope your summer is starting off well, Barbara!

Karen Burns said...

Hey! You and doggie look so good together! Congrats to you both.


Waiting... said...

Yea!! I am soooooo proud of both of you...lol!
Great photo!
Miss you, Friend!

Anonymous said...

The camera loves this dog. Olive may have a future in acting.