Saturday, May 30, 2009

Lets Go Out For Dinner Tonight, Dear

Can you tell that I am home and procrastinating from painting. So far, I have updated my blog 3 times, spilled bright red ink all over my very old carpeting in my studio and dropped a strawberry somewhere under my desk where no one can ever find it excepting a swarm of ants. I finished this watercolor yesterday from photos taken 2 different years of the same restaurant. The colors of the peach walls and the sort of lilac-purplish doors motivated me to paint it. Now I would like to have dinner there. Too bad the restaurant is in Tuscany, don't think we'd make it back in time after dinner to put the dogs out.

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Paula McNamee said...

Barbara, I like the look of your blog and the Tuscan restaurant watercolor. It sure would be fun to meet you there and have dinner.