Monday, February 16, 2009

How Do You Paint A Windmill?

This is my first attempt at windmill painting practice. I am studying the landscape of Holland because I have proposed a watercolor and sketching trip to Amsterdam on a barge this coming June. If enough people want to join me June 20-27th we will spend a week on a barge crusing the canals of Amsterdam. We'll stop daily to stroll the picturesque areas and guided biking will be available for those who want to bike. We will visit a tulip garden, a cheese factory, the famous Van Gogh museum, the flower auction and much more. Since saving money is on everyone's mind, this is the most reasonable trip I could find. For a week of meals and accomodations on the barge, plus guided hiking and biking and my art instruction the cost is $1,400. Airfare isn't included. Be sure to e-mail me if you're interested at


Waiting... said...

Great painting...I love all the elements in it!!

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