Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Watercolor of a Tuscan Arch

This is an arch in the wall that surrounds the hilltop village of Cortona where I am lucky enough to get to teach a workshop every year. When I start to think about a logo for the year's workshop, I try to come up with a subject that represents Cortona and Italy to me. This year, I feel confident enough to take on painting the quintessential arch. I love those photos I see of beautiful Tuscan scenery seen thru the frame of an arch. So here is my humble attempt at a Tuscan arch. Maybe I will try again tomorrow, thinking maybe the buildings inside the city should be a cool color and the scenery outside of the arch might be bright, sunlit colors. What do you think?

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Sister "I" - SOTTP said...

Barbara, I love this. I can picture this arch exactly. What a wonderful memory of Cortona. Also, what a wonderful example of all the colors of Tuscany.