Sunday, December 16, 2007

Painting of One of the World's Must Visit Places

I highly suggest this location to anyone who likes quaint picturesque 500 year old buildings, charming churches, small off the beaten track Tuscan towns and Italian shoes. I had read about Monteriggionni in a guide book and was fortunate to be in the neighborhood when I was teaching in Cortona last April. Walking along the cobblestone roads I could not believe my eyes when I saw this sign, "Shoe Factory". I had been looking for a pair of black shoes that were priced within my budget all through Italy and hadn't found any. I had almost given up hope when I followed the arrow on the sign down a back alley and found a small building nestled in the back of the village. It was chock full of designer shoes! Guess what, I found the perfect pair at a great price. So besides having 14 towers, cobbled streets and a wonderful location, Monteriggioni has an abundance of designer shoes! Truely, heaven on earth and that is the title of this painting.

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Susan Carrier said...

"Heaven on Earth" is the perfect title!

When does the next plane leave?