Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Beginner Blog

With the help of my teen ager I am entering the world of blogs. Keeping a blog where I can post my watercolor paintings, scribbles & rambles and get feedback on them will motivate me to paint more, plus it will keep me off the streets and out of Nugget Market.

I finished this painting 5 minutes ago. I started it several weeks ago when I was in Santa Fe, New Mexico. The light shining through the window and falling on the geraniums caught my eye. Today this painting has taken on new meaning since my husband and I purchased a new kitchen faucet yesterday. Soon, I hope to have my paintings available for sale on E-bay. Let me know your thoughts.


Mitch & Jamie said...

Hey Barbara<
Nice painting, looking forward to seeing more soon

sue said...

nice painting, I got a new Gooseneck falcet, changes the whole counter. I'm painting Tigar Lillys from my garden. I keep buying different plants, put them in different places to take a picture then paint it. That way I'm using both my hobbies. I really enjoyed taking your class, and plan to weather the elimates no matter what they are,haha, to sign up in August. Thanks Sue Myers

sue said...
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Susan Carrier said...

Hi Barbara,
Very lovely. I could get lost looking at this painting for a very long time.

I'm glad that your teenager is helping to keep you off the streets!

(I can't believe I'm writing the words "your teenager." What happened to "Baby Sarah"?)


Cindy said...

Hi Barb!
I remember when you started that painting. Makes me nostalgic for our Santa Fe days. Love the way the painting turned out. I think it's great that you have a blog, and even greater that your daughter helped you to get it started. Good luck!
Hugs, Cindy

Jeri said...

Barbara: The geraniums are beautiful. The deer just ate my new beautiful pink geranium. I love your style. Thanks for sharing. Hugs, jeri

Lora Leigh said...

Hi Barbara! Wow! Finally you have your own blog! Wooohooo! Well done and lovely painting. Maybe someday, with the help of your wonderful teachings, I'll be brave/good enough to post one of my paintings on my blog. ~Lora

candy said...

Hey Barbara- love your painting- As Lora Leigh said, someday I hope to paint something worthy of posting myself! Thanks for the wonderful series of classes. You are such a nurturing teacher that it just took the fear right out of it all and now I'm hooked!

Laura Mitchell said...

Hey Barbara-so good to see you entering the computer blog age. I'll love seeing your on-going work. Any possibility you could post the landscape from Cortona?

Pam Burns said...

Hi Barbara!

I'm so glad we ran into each other yesterday! Your website is so cool and reminds me that I have sooo much to learn. It's really fun seeing your work again. I forgot what a whimsical style you have! I especially love the repeat of design!